Prioritize, Collaborate, and Act!

Coordinate your Private and Shared Actions in one place. Accessible anytime, on any device.

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CTAL example
Let's make the most of every day.

It takes both planning and discipline to intentionaly prioritize our professional and private actions.

Use our Short List to clearly prioritize what you want to accomplish today or in the very near-term (ex. 5-7 items).

As new Actions come up, add them to your private or shared Lists (not to your Short List). You can easily move Actions from your private Long List or a shared Team List when you are either ready or almost ready to start.

Let's get some help.

So now you're ready to share the load!

Whether it be Work, Family, or a Volunteer Team this List(s) will help you all coordinate your activities, quickly identify blockers, and evaluate progress towards your shared goals.

These Actions are private within approved Team Members and accessible to all on their own devices.

Let's get moving!

Emails, SMS messages, and Live Chats are basically fire-and-forget. If an Action is passed this way a person must remember to follow up ... which can be less than efficient.

In a traditional punch list, an entry is just an item to be checked off. While better than the first options, they are often owned by one Team Member who is responsibe for making all updates.

Here Actions condense all relavent information, files, and Team communication into one place ... well actually, 3+ geographically distant data-centers to ensure business continuity, but that's just details :)